Squid Waifu

Inkling Boy

Series Splatoon
Age Unknown
Sex Either
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alignment Neutral Good
The Inklings are a race in the video game Splatoon, which serves as the avatar for the player.



Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Color Change: Inklings can come in orange, blue, green, pink, light blue, purple, red, and yellow. They can supposedly change their color every time they enter a Turf War.
  • Squid Form: All Inklings are able to transform into a squid and swim in their own ink to avoid detection.
    • Krakken Form:
  • Weapons Proficiency:


  • Splattershot:
  • Aerospray:
  • Squelcher:
  • Nozzlenose:
  • N-ZAP:
  • Splash-o-matic:
  • Blasters:
  • Splat Chargers:
  • Rollers:
  • Brushes:
  • Splatlings:
  • Splat Bomb:
  • Burst Bomb:
  • Suction Bomb:
  • Point Sensor:
  • Disruptor:
  • Splash Wall:
  • Sprinkler:
  • Seeker:
  • Ink Mine:
  • Squid Beacon:
  • Bubbler:
  • Echolocator:
  • Inkstrike:
  • Inkzooka:
  • Killer Wail:


  • Color Immunity: Inklings are only able to walk and swim in ink of their own color. Any other color is like poison to them, and they have to return to their own color ink to heal up.
  • Can't Swim: Ironically, Inklings cannot swim and dissolve if they touch water.

Fun FactsEdit

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