Series Fire Emblem
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alignment Neutral Good
Ike is the main protagonist of the Tellius series of Fire Emblem, the tactical role-playing game series published by Nintendo.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Aether: Ike's signature skill. A combination of the Sol and Luna skills, this skill allows for a two-hit combo that ignores the enemy's defenses on one hit, and heals Ike for half the damage dealt with the other. Ike usually uses this skill by throwing his sword into the air, hitting the enemy on the way up, jumping after it, and grabbing the blade for a falling slash.
    • Great Aether: Ike's Final Smash in the Smash Bros. series. After knocking his enemy into the air, Ike lights Ragnell on fire and jumps after his foe to hit them with a flurry of blazing slashes, ending with a downward slash that sends his foe back to the ground.
  • Eruption: Using Yune's power to channel blue flames through Ragnell, Ike stabs his sword into the ground, causing an explosion of fire.
  • Quick Draw: Ike dashes forward and slashes the opponent with his sword.
  • Counter: Ike blocks an attack using his sword before counterattacking.


  • Ragnell: The sister weapon of Alondite, Ragnell was blessed by the goddess Ashera and made to slay Yune, goddess of chaos. Ragnell is an incredibly powerful weapon, and it can fire shockwaves when swung for a ranged attack. When imbued with Yune's power during the fight against Ashera, Ragnell gained the ability to produce blue flames for a variety of attacks.
  • Ettard: Ike's personal sword, from before he obtained Ragnell. While it lacks Ragnell's supernatural abilities, it's still a good weapon if Ike somehow loses Ragnell.



  • Easily swings a two-handed sword with one hand.
  • Destroyed Ashera while wielding Yune's power.





Fun FactsEdit

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