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Hunter × Hunter is a manga/anime written by Yoshihiro Togashi. It is the story of Gon Freecss, a young boy who wishes to become a great Hunter and find his missing father.

Series Dictionary

  • Aura: A form of life energy that is produced by every living thing, and is vital to their survival. It flows throughout the body, and the body has several points called Aura Nodes that aura naturally flows out from.
  • Hunter: An elite member of humanity who has managed to complete the Hunter Exam. Becoming a Hunter grants someone access to 95% of public facilities at no cost, unrivaled freedom to travel around the world, no legal responsibility for murder, and access to information that only Hunters can get.
  • Nen: The ability to control the aura inside one's body, which can be used to enhance physical strikes, sense the aura of others, hide someone's presence, or shield the user from attacks.


Main Characters

Hunters Association

Zoldyck Family

Phantom Troupe

Chimera Ants

Hunter Exam Participants

Heavens Arena Combatants

Greed Island

Non-Canon Characters


Fun Facts

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