Hibana Daiba
Series Deadman Wonderland
Age 7
Sex Female
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alignment Lawful Evil

Hibana Daiba is a member of the Undertakers, a special force created of worst criminals from Deadman Wonderland. She serves as a minor antagonist.


Hibana Daiba had strict mother, she carried out torturous punishment on Hibana when she was "naughty". This hard punishment led to Hibana to become obsess with being a "lady" and to punish "naughty" children, and something some could call poetic justice, so did Hibana punish her mother for being "naughty", which led to her death. Likewise, so did kill a kid in her school who flipped the skirts of the girls.

She was sent to a rehabilitation program in Deadman Wonderland for her murders and later became a part of the Undertakers.

Powers & Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: Hibana has shown to have strength far beyond children her age, or beyond an average person for that matter. Her main weapon is a sword that is bigger than herself, which she can carry and swing around with ease.


  • Worm Eater Sword: A giant sword that can be split into smaller part that is held together by a metal string. This sword i a worm eater which means that blood from a deadman touches it, so will the blood dissipate.



  • Can wield a giant sword bigger than herself with ease.
  • Totally destroyed a piece of machinery and crack a wall in one swipe.


  • Survived being close to a detonating Owl's Eyes(explosive spheres of blood).



  • Killed her mother as a normal kid.


  • The thing that makes her a threat in the series(the worm eater) is only effective against deadmen.
  • She is very insecure about her immaturity and she may begin to act rash if someone claims to be a child or anything of the like.

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