Gumball Watterson
Series The Amazing World of Gumball
Age 12
Birthday Unknown
Sex Male
Height 3'8"
Weight Unknown
Alignment Chaotic Good
Gumball Watterson is the protagonist of The Amazing World of Gumball.


Powers & Abilities

  • Cartoon Physics:
    • Body manipulation: Is able to change and manipulate any part of his body at will, ranging from changing his mouth into a mustache, to moving his lungs to his arms.
    • Insane durability: Has survived point-blank explosions, dismemberment, falls from incredible heights, the vacuum of space, and a beating by a 2-ton T-Rex.
  • Insults: By insulting his foes not only does he hurt them verbally, but physically as well.


  • Paintball Gun: A standard paintball gun that does a surprising amount of damage and that Gumball can never miss with.

Alternate Forms

  • Manliness form: if Gumball ingests protein supplements, it can increase his physical attributes by a massive degree as well as increase his size and allows him to grow a mustache.
  • Super Saiyan:



  • Managed to catch a bowling ball flying straight at him with one hand.
  • Smashed through a brick wall in his manliness form


  • Was able to run so fast that he looked like a blur of motion, at the age of 4, in an effort to save his prevent his pet fish from being flushed down the toilet.
  • He and Darwin Moved so fast that they went back to when the BIg Bang went off.


  • Pulled off his head and immediately grew a new one.
  • Has been exploded and dismembered on multiple occasions.
  • Survived a fall from the sky onto pavement without a scratch.
  • Survived a bowling ball slamming into his face (on a different occasion than mentioned above).
  • Survived the vacuum of space on more than one occasion.


  • Defeated an entire dodgeball team in his manliness form


  • Naivety: Since he is still a child, Gumball is sometimes too trusting of people as not able to tell when he is being manipulated.