Gohma Vlitra


Vlitra Gaia

Series Asura's Wrath
Age Unknown
Sex Genderless
Height Varies
Weight Varies
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Gohma Vlitra is one of the main antagonists of the Capcom beat 'em up, Asura's Wrath. It is a manifestation of Planet Gaea's wrath and impurity.


Thousands of Years before, Gaea, as the planet was then referred to as, was enraged when the souls of mortals were not returning to it once they left their bodies and the cycle of life and death being grossly disrupted. In an attempt to take back the souls that had been converted into Mantra, the Gohma appeared and triggered the The War of Creation between the Demigods, a perpetual cycle of Vlitra appearing and subsequently being barely staved off by the Demigods that went on for centuries. The Eight Guardian Generals, the elite demigod forces, fought the Gohma to free the people of Gaea from its threat. In their most recent battle, The Gohma sent out its forces to destroy the demigods, but Asura, WyzenYasha and Augus, the current top members of the Generals, destroyed the evil corrupted forces of the Gohma, and in the end, the Gohma itself. Yet it was only defeated and not killed, so it would rise up again to continue its rampage.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Size: The main structure of its body is as large as a continent.
  • Serpents: Vlitra can summon tentacle-like serpents from its body. Each serpent can shoot extremely powerful blasts of energy.
  • Gohma Summoning: It can create even more Gohma by corrupting the planet's energy.
  • Nearly Immortal: Should Vlitra's exterior form be heavily damaged, it will retreat for many years, but the only way to kill it is to destroy its Core Form.
  • Energy Blasts: It can shoot two types of energy blasts, one of them is a straight giant laser, and the other one consists of homing attacks that can only be destroyed by Asura's equally powerful mantra blasts.

Alternate FormsEdit

Vlitra CoreEdit

This is Vlitra's true form, which resides in the planet's core. It resembles Asura's Berserker form, since it is the manifestation of the planet's wrath. It has huge claws that it can use to deliver extremely powerful melee attacks. It can still shoot powerful Energy Blasts, but it can no longer summon other Gohma.



  • Its blasts can destroy multiple Demigod Ships simultaneously.
  • Fired a blast so strong that it K.O'd Yasha and stripped Vajra Asura of his extra arms.


  • In its Core form, able to keep up with Yasha and Asura.


  • Not even the Eight Guardian Generals were able to subdue it.
  • Resisted a blast from the Brahamastra.
  • Its Core form can withstand many attacks from the mantra-infused Asura and Yasha.

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