Series Hunter × Hunter
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alignment Neutral Evil

Gido is a minor character in the Heavens Arena arc in the Hunter × Hunter series. He is a part of a group of three rather malicious Nen users in 200th floor of Heavens Arena.


Gido is a fighter in Heavens Arena who made it to 200th floor. Sometime before the events of Hunter X Hunter, Gido suffered an attack which made him lose both of his legs in.


  • Prostatic Leg: A metal leg with a wheel on the end which he uses a substitute for his legs.
  • Spinning Tops: Ten spinning tops he uses weapons by controlling them with his Nen.
  • Staff: A staff he uses to hold balance and to throw out his spinning tops.

Powers & Abilities

  • Nen: Nen is a technique is in which someone can manipulate their life energy or aura. Gido is an enhancer which means that he can increase the power of objects and himself better than non-enhancer and he has also been shown to be able to manipulate.
    • Dancing Tops: A Hatsu where Gido strengthens his spinning tops, which makes it so that they move on their own and makes them attack anything close to themselves.
    • Battle Waltz: He throws out all of his spinning tops and makes them spin around the target in a circular fashion and makes them attack it from every side.
    • Tornado Top: By using Ren(a Nen technique which expands one's aura and makes one physical stronger and more durable) and by spinning on his prostatic leg, so can he create a defense that completely shields him from enemies that attack him head on and repels them.
    • Shotgun Blues: While using Tornado Top, so can he shoot out his spinning tops in a rapid succession and make them high speed projectiles.



  • Gon compared the hit from one of the spinning tops to that of a hammer. (Chapter 49)
  • Delivered a blow that sent Gon flying off of the arena. (Chapter 50)


  • Gon couldn't follow the spinning tops by sight. (Chapter 50)



  • Defeated Gon in their first fight. (Chapter 51)
  • He made it to the 200th floor of Heavens Arena.


  • He can't give precise orders to the spinning tops.
  • He is pretty much defenseless if he gets toppled over.

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