Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider
Series Marvel Comics
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Height 5'10" (As Johnny Blaze)

6'2" (As Ghost Rider)

Weight 180 lbs (As Johnny Blaze)

220 lbs (As Ghost Rider)

Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Prepare to suffer the sting of Ghost Rider's power! Prepare to know the true meaning of hell!
~ Ghost Rider

If you give in to despair, and let your negative feelings get the best of you, Eli Morrow will take over, once again, and he will hurt the ones closest to you.
~ Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider ( Or Jonathan 'Johnny' Blaze ) is a demonic anti-hero from Marvel Comics.


Jonathan 'Johnny' Blaze was once a daredevil in his early years of Quentin Carnival, and was the apprentice, as well as foster son, of Craig 'Crash' Simpson. At the young age of 17, Johnny had discovered that Craig had cancer. In order to cure his mentor, Johnny met a demon known as Mephisto, and made a deal with him. If Johnny sells his soul to Mephisto, he'll cure Craig's cancer in, which Johnny accepted without any hesitations. Despite the fact that Craig started to recover, during one of Craig's stunts, Craig has a freak accident and dies, with Johnny realising that despite Mephisto curing the cancer he set Craig up to die in another way. Johnny Blaze then forcefully decided to leave his stunt job and start a new career as a bounty hunting demonic being bound to the demon Zarathos, who goes around and hunts down sinners to send their souls to hell. This fusion of human and demon was known as the Ghost Rider.

Powers & Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Ghost Rider has a powerful healing factor, letting him regenerate from most wounds. He can even heal from getting his skull crushed or his limbs ripped off in seconds.
  • Empathy: Can sense the sins of people and can eb more powerful the more sins a person did. Even something so simple like bragging in battle can boast his power noticeably. 
  • Size Manipulation: Ghost Rider can increase his own size at will, letting him grow to much larger sizes.
  • Hellfire Manipulation: Ghost Rider posses the ability to summon and manipulate the flames of hell, which burn the souls of whoever they touch. He shoot hellish flames out of his eyes, mouth, and hands, and can channel through his body and into his weapons like guns, shotguns that can shoot large fire balls, and other firearms. He can form walls of fire, and can unleash omnidirectional explosions of flames that can harm even The Hulk. His hellfire abilities is able to effect on vehicle. His hellfire is also strong enough to blew the top of the mountain and burned the city to the ground and his most impressive feat is able to burn down a whole country with a single blast. He can also use it to launch himself to give him extra boost and it can ignite everything including underwater. 
  • Ghost Rider Plane: A separate realm Ghost Rider can send anyone to, as he is more powerful in the plane and seemingly god-like in this realm. He can summon chains anywhere he likes to, and can even summon many other Ghost Riders from either the past or the present. 
  • Penance Stare: Ghost Rider's signature and deadliest move. Ghost Rider stares into his victim's eyes, utilizing their past sins against them and incinerating their very soul. However, this technique depends on how much sin the victim has committed, and works the best on those who have sinned the most. At full power, the Penance Stare could bring Galactus to his knees. The penance stare is also rather strict at it's job that even a person thinking about slapping his wife got the spirit attention, also even doing a bad thing that is also considered the right thing to do is considered a sin. It's also somehow able to affect people with insanity like the time it deals great pain to a man who thinks everything is meaningless and can not feel emotional or physical pain. 


  • Hell Cycle: Ghost Rider's main method of transportation, which is made up of hellfire. It leaves behind trails of hellfire wherever it goes (which incinerates anything) , and can be used to run over enemies. He uses it to cross dimensions and can outrun the speed of the thrown Mjolnir from Thor. It can rocket up to vertical walls and cross bodies of water. It is almost as durable as Ghost Rider. 
  • Mystical Chains: Ghost Rider's signature weapons, which he can conjure at any time. He can infuse them with hellfire, split them into their component links and fire them like shuriken, stiffen them into staffs, or spin them so fast that it acts like a buzz saw. Ghost Rider can also spew these chains from his mouth and chest. It can follow the opponent if needed to and can grow in length. It is also used to support him in mid-air, dig underground like a drill and many more. 
  • Firearms: Normal firearms that Ghost Rider infuses hellfire into, making them shoot powerful flaming bullets.

Alternate Forms

  • Zarathos: When Johnny relinquishes control of Ghost Rider to Zarathos, the limits on the demon's power become released, granting his boundless power. Zarathos is strong enough to incinerate the entire planet if he wants to, can use telekinesis to move objects with his mind, can manipulate the elements, and conjure hellish storms that rain down fire.



  • Can yank a helicopter using his mystical chains.
  • Is able to lift up to 25 tons.
  • Flipped a car with one hand.
  • Flipped a freight train.
  • Knocked out Thor with one blow.
  • Easily ripped out Mephisto's heart.
  • Traded blows with World War Breaker Hulk.
  • Can throw a crane into the air.
  • Can create craters by punching the ground.
  • Punched holes in giant demons.
  • As Zarathos, could easily take down a group of other Ghost Riders.


  • Deflected bullets.
  • Tagged Spider-Man.
  • Reacted and dodges Strikes from Thor's hammer.
  • Overwhelmed Gladiator's speed, who is fast enough to enter hyper-space.


  • Is immune to all physical earthly attacks, gun wounds, slashes, cuts, and stabs.
  • Can tank hits from World Breaker Hulk. 
  • Once had his entire skeleton destroyed yet he regenerated with no discomforts.
  • Bullets can bounce or go through him.
  • Once regenerated his destroyed skull in seconds without any discomforts especially his broken ribs.
  • Tanked a burst of hellfire powerful enough to whip a country off the map.
  • Tanked Zadkiel's holy magic blast, who is as the time still has his power over all creation.
  • Is unfazed by lightning strikes.
  • Tanked Doctor Strange's magic.
  • Unharmed by the Greek God, Pluto's magic blast.
  • Is able to withstand great force impacts, high temperatures, pressure extremes and powerful energy blasts and falls from great height with no sustained injuries.


  • Stopped hell's invasions of heaven many times.
  • Defeated World War Breaker Hulk.
  • Defeated Thor.
  • Defeated Mephisto, Satan and Black Heart.
  • Has implied that he could incinerate the Earth if he wanted to.
  • Once defeated Satan 666 times in a row.
  • Has incredible aim able to hit small targets from over long distances.
  • Defeated the Avengers, as well as the X-men. 


  • Can be harmed by holy weapons forged in Heaven.
  • His Penance Stare can only work on people with souls.
  • The Penance Stare only works on those who regret their sins.
  • People with symbiotes can resist the Penance Stare.
  • Very hesitant to let Zarathos take control.
  • Has lost possession of Zarathos multiple times.

Fun Facts

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