Gertrude I Hate Fairyland 001
Series I Hate Fairyland
Age 33 (physically 6)
Sex Female
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alignment Neutral Evil
Gertrude is the main protagonist of the comic book series, I Hate Fairyland, also known as F**k Fairyland.


Once upon a time, there was a precious six-year-old girl who wished to be taken away to a magical world. She got her wish, and wound up in Fairyland one day, where she was sent on a quest to find a key that would unlock the door back to her own world... That was twenty-seven years ago, and while Gertrude seemed to not have aged on the outside... on the inside, she was a grown woman... an angry, mentally unstable woman who started going on a killing spree throughout all of Fairyland, which even to this day Queen Cloudia is still trying to stop.


  • Immortality: As long as she remains in Fairyland, Gertrude cannot physically age or die of aging. The rules also state that Queen Cloudia cannot hurt her since she's only a guest.








  • Mental Instability:
  • Ruler-Only Rule: While one of the laws of Fairyland states that the ruler can't hurt her, that doesn't apply to regular residents of Fairyland or other guests.
    • The Key: If someone finds the key and returns before her, she'll be stuck in Fairyland forever, at which point the ruler can harm her.