Series Marvel Comics
Age Unknown
Sex Female
Height Varies
Weight Varies
Alignment True Neutral
Galacta (also known as Gali) is the daughter of Galactus, one of Marvel's most powerful entities.


Galacta is the daughter of Galactus. She inhabits Planet Earth, keeping her identity a secret, posing as a regular teenager. Unlike her father, she doesn't want to eat planets, so she limits herself to eating foreign alien life that has invaded Earth, even if this doesn't supply her with a lot of nutrients. Using her Power Cosmic, she helps people all over the Universe.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Power Cosmic: A nigh-unlimited source of power that she inherited from her father. It grants her godly abilities.
    • Extreme Brain Speed: Galacta is capable of thinking so fast that she considers milliseconds more than enough time to ponder a complicated plan.
    • High-Speed Levitation: Galacta is capable of flying at speeds massively faster than light.
    • Telekinesis: Grants her the ability to move extremely large objects with her mind, such as a huge meteorite.
    • Energy Manipulation: Galacta can control, manipulate and channel pure energy of a wide variety of forms, such as diverting a cosmic-ray burst.
    • Molecular Modification: The ability to physically alter persons or objects through the manipulation of their molecules.
    • Teleportation: Capable of teleporting herself and objects to distant galaxies.
    • Cosmic Awareness: Galacta is able to percieve all sorts of changes and dangers happening in the entire Universe.
    • Invisibility: Galacta is able to make her powers invisible to human eyes.


  • Sensor Array: A highly advanced sensor array, claimed to be the most advanced in existence, used by Galacta to find suitable biomass for consumption.
    • Feeding Beams: Part of her suit's array includes beam emitters Gali refers to as her 'utensils' that allow her to feed on bio-mass with a great deal of precision and from a distance.



  • Devoured multiple creatures with a nutritional value of 850 Petacalories (850 millions of tons of TNT).
  • Had the potential to turn Wolverine into a living planet.
  • Just like Galactus, she's able of devouring planets.
  • Moved a 6-quintillion ton asteroid.
  • Deflected a reality warping blast.
  • Stopped a Tsunami.


  • Can swim at standard speeds through the extremely thick outer core of the Earth.
  • Capable of flying out of the Earth's atmosphere.
  • She thinks so fast that she considers milliseconds a long time.
  • Went from outside of Earth's atmosphere to the surface in three seconds.
  • Can travel through galaxies in seconds.


  • Can survive swimming through the Earth's Outer Core.


  • Capable of extracting microscopic parasites from human bodies effortlessly.


  • She'll get weakened if she doesn't eat in a long time.

Fun FactsEdit

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