Frank West

Frank West

DR2 OTR Frank West

Series Dead Rising
Age 41
Sex Male
Height Unkown
Weight Unkown
Alignment Neutral Good

Frank West is the protagonist of the video games Dead Rising and Deadrising 2: Off The Record and appeared as one of the protagonist of the DLC game Dead Rising: Case West alongside Chuck Greene.


Frank is a freelance photographer who enjoys covering dangerous events such as wars for the thrill of it. When he was investigating the Willamete Parkview Mall for what he thought was a riot, he discovered that it was a zombie outbreak. The mall was full of zombies and the communications to the DHS headquarters were blocked outside of it so Frank had to survive for three days until his pickup helicopter arrived, all the while discovering the reason for the outbreak in the process.

Dead Rising 2: Off The Record is set in an alternate universe where Frank takes the place of Chuck Greene. Much like Chuck, he appears as a competitor in the game show Terror is Reality. When the zombie outbreak occurs, he tries to find safety in a shelter, but is unable to find Zombrex, the medicine that prevents his zombification. He is then forced to leave the shelter and look for Zombrex himself as well as find the reason as to why the outbreak happened.

Powers & Abilities

  • Excellent in Close Combat: Frank can handle himself well in a fight with just his bare hands. He is able to smash a zombie's head with his arm and has a few wrestling and martial arts moves at his disposal.
    • Disembowel:
    • Double Lariat:
    • Face Crusher:
    • Football Tackle:
    • Giant Swing:
    • Hammer Throw:
    • Judo Throw:
    • Jump Kick:
    • Karate Chop:
    • Kick Back:
    • Knee Drop:
    • Lift Up:
    • Neck Twist:
    • Power Push:
    • Roundhouse Kick:
    • Sommersault Kick:
    • Suplex:
    • Wall Kick:
  • Excellent Melee Weapons User: Frank is able to use any handheld object as a melee weapon efficiently. This includes one-handed weapons such as crowbars to two-handed weapons such as sledgehammers.
  • Decent Firearm User: Frank can use any type of gun in combat. This includes handguns, shotguns and machine guns.
  • Expert Craftsman: Frank is able to combine objects to create his own unique combo weapons. For example, he can create a spiked bat out of a baseball bat and a box of nails.
  • Expert at Gathering Information: With the use of his camera, Frank is able to take pictures and gather important information and evidence while remaining hidden.




  • Infected: after being infected in Willamette, Colorado Frank requires requires frequent injections of Zombrex or any other temporary vaccine for the infection, if he does not get this injection within 24 hours of his last injection he will die and turn into a zombie himself.

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