Fireblight Ganon
Series The Legend of Zelda
Age 100
Sex Genderless
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alignment Neutral Evil
Fireblight Ganon is one of the main bosses in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Fireblight Ganon is a creation by Calamity Ganon. Under the Great Calamity, Fireblight Ganon were tasked to take control of Divine Beast Vah Rudania and kill Goron Champion Daruk. At the time when Link awoke in the Shrine of Resurrection, Fireblight was still in control of Vah Rudania, whose fire and magma manipulating abilities Fireblight used to constantly erupting Death Mountain, terrorizing the Gorons.

Powers & Abilities

  • Fire Manipulation: Fireblight Ganon can generate fire out of its right palm. He can either create a flurry of of small fire balls that he throws at the player, or by charging up, he can create a larger ball of fire that slowly homes at the player and explodes at impact.
  • Axe: An axe of blue energy generated out of Fireblight Ganon's right arm. He can infuse the axe with his fire, making it glowing orange, stronger and makes it so that its swings leaves streams of fire after it.
  • Teleportation: Fireblight can form itself into a small ball of energy. In this form Fireblight can't be damaged and can move more quickly and free.
  • Possession: It could it could immaterialize itself and take control of Vah Rudania.
  • Forcefield: He can generate a red forcefield around its body, making it impervious to direct attacks.
  • Levitation
  • Laser: Fireblight can shoot a highly powerful laser out of its eye.



  • Defeated and killed Daruk.
  • The suction when charging up the larger fire ball is strong enough to lift and propel Link's Remote Bombs.


  • Could take Link's Remote Bombs.


  • It is weak to Ice Arrows and ancient technology.
  • If hit in the eye, it will flinch for a second and will be dealt double the damage than if it was hit somewhere else.
  • Its laser takes some time to charge up.
  • Fireblight's forcefield will dissipate if it is damaged.
  • When charging up its larger fire balls, he can suck up objects that can potentially damage it.

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