Final Egg Blaster
Final Egg Blaster
Series Sonic the Hedgehog (series)
Age Unknown
Length Unknown
Weight Unknown
The Final Egg Blaster is a device created by Doctor Eggman that Eggman had planned to use to activate Emerl's original program.


After completing this device, Eggman attached it to the Death Egg and threatened to destroy the Earth, just to lure Emerl. After Emerl came and defeated the Doctor, he fired the Final Egg Blaster on a group of stars, destroying them. This activated Emerl's original program, which forced him to break its Link to its former Master and establish a new link with the owner of that overwhelming power. Unfortunately, Eggman's plan worked too well, as Emerl aimed the Final Egg Blaster at earth and set it to fire after sixty seconds. This was thankfully stopped after Sonic warped to the death Egg to defeat and accidentally destroy Emerl.

Powers & Abilities

  • Beam Firing: When it was still around, this weapon had fired off at a few nearby star systems, and would've destroyed the Earth with a powerful beam.



  • After being fired, destroyed a cluster of Star Systems.


  • When a single beam was fired from this device, it destroyed some stars at a near instant


  • Requires a minute of charge-up time after being fired.

Notable Users

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