Series Pokémon
Age Unknown
Sex Either
Height 1.2 m | 3'11"
Weight 38.0 kg | 83.8 lbs
Alignment True Neutral
Fearow is a normal and flying-type beak Pokémon introduced in the first generation of the Pokémon games and is the evolution of Spearow.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Abilities Edit

  • Keen Eye: An ability which prevents the owner from getting its accuracy lowered in any, way or form.
  • Sniper: Fearow's hidden ability. Sniper makes it so that critical hits made by the owner gives 50% extra damage.

Moves Edit

  • Drill Run: A physical ground-type attack with a high chance to make a critical hit.
  • Pluck: A physical flying-type attack. If the target holds a berry, so will the user take and eat it.
  • Peck: A weak physical flying-type attack.
  • Growl: A move that lowers the target's physical attack.
  • Fury Attack: A physical normal-type attack with low accuracy. This is a move where the user attacks with 2-5 jabs.
  • Leer: A move that lowers the target's physical defense.
  • Pursuit: A weak physical dark-type attack. If the target switches out, so will this attack before that happen and it will have double the power than if it were to be used normally.
  • Aerial Ace: A physical flying-type attack that can never miss.
  • Mirror Move: A move that copies the move the target used last.
  • Agility: A move that raises the user's speed by 100%.
  • Assurance: A physical dark-type attack, which gives double the damage if the target have already been attack by an ally.
  • Roost: A move that heals the user's HP by 50% of its maximum HP. The user loses its flying-type for a short while after Roost was used.
  • Drill Peck: A physical flying-type attack.

Typing Advantages Edit

  • Resistances: Thanks to being a flying-type, so is Fearow resistant to bug-type and grass-type attacks.
  • Immunities: Fearow's normal-type makes it immune to ghost-type attacks and its flying-type makes it a ground-type attack.

Equipment Edit

  • Sharp Beak: An item some Fearow may hold, which increase the power of flying-type attacks by 20%.

Feats Edit

Strength Edit

Speed Edit

Durability Edit

  • Fearow is said to be able stay afloat a whole day.

Skills Edit

Weaknesses Edit

  • Type Weakness: Fearow's flying-typing makes it weak against electric, ice and rock-type attacks.


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