Fake Assassin
Assassin Sasaki Kojirou, the Nameless Assassin
Series Fate/stay night
Age N/A
Sex Male
Height 176 cm
Weight 63 kg
Alignment True Neutral
My role is to guard this gate. I won't let you through alive, nor shall I let you out alive.
~ Assassin
Fake Assassin is a character from Fate/stay night, a visual novel developed by TYPE-MOON.


Assassin is Sasaki Kojirou, a mythical Japanese swordsman who is said to have never existed. And he never did. This Sasaki Kojirou is just an individual with similar traits to the legendary swordsman. When he died, he died lacking a name, and he was never talked about or heard of again. Several centuries later, the Holy Grail War started, and seven mages each summoned a spirit from the past to fight for them in a tournament for the Holy Grail, which granted the winner one wish. The Servant Caster, a master mage herself, tried to summon the spirit of the legendary Sasaki Kojirou, but since he never actually existed, the nameless samurai was summoned instead, with the traits and personality of Kojirou as he was described in legend. Being summoned under the Assassin class as a false Servant, the new Kojirou was bound to Ryuudou Temple, which Caster used as her base, and was assigned to guard the temple's gate from intruders.

Powers and Abilities

  • Vitrification: A skill that puts Assassin in a serene state of mind, hiding his presence and preventing mental interference.
  • Eye of the Mind (Fake): A special sixth sense that Assassin can use to detect danger and sense invisible objects.
  • Tsubame Gaeshi: The legendary signature technique of Sasaki Kojirou, which Assassin inherited after being summoned. This technique lets Assassin slash three times at once, and is completely unavoidable. It works by briefly bending the laws of physics to multiply Assassin's sword, letting him slash three times at once from three different angles.


  • Monohoshi Zao: Assassin's sword, a katana that's 150 centimeters long. Despite its absurd length, Assassin wields it with considerable skill and finesse.



  • Can slice through steel
  • Blocked swings from Saber and pushed her sword back
  • Caused shockwaves by clashing with Archer
  • Held back Berserker


  • Dodged and parried all of Saber's attacks
  • Intercepted Archer's surprise attack and kept up with him


  • Took blows from Archer and Berserker


  • The most skilled Servant in the Fifth Grail War
  • Easily matched Saber and Archer with skill alone
  • Even Gilgamesh didn't want to face him in a swordfight


  • Not a real Servant, making him physically weaker than other Servants
  • Can't properly use Assassin-class skills, like Presence Concealment
  • Monohoshi Zao can be bent and broken, making Tsubame Gaeshi avoidable

Fun Facts