Series Pokémon
Age N/A
Sex 50% male, 50% female
Height 6'07" (Normal)
Weight 264.6 lbs
Alignment True Neutral
It is called "The Walking Jungle." If a head grows too big, it falls off and becomes an Exeggcute
~ Exeggutor's Pokedex entry from Pokemon Platinum
Exeggutor is a first generation Grass and Psychic-type Pokémon.


Exeggutor is the evolved form of the Pokémon Exeggcute, evolving after being exposed to a Leaf Stone. Each of the three fruits acts as an individual head with it's own thoughts and emotions, and should one ever fall off, it will hatch into a brand new batch of Exeggcute. Because it's commonly found in more tropical climates, and due to it's palm tree appearance, it is often referred to as a Walking Jungle. This Pokémon greatly enjoys sunlight.


  • Type Resistances: Exeggutor's Grass and Psychic typing makes it resistant to Fighting, Ground, Water, Electric, and Psychic-type attacks.
  • Pokémon Abilities:
    • Chlorophyll: Boosts speed if Sunny Day is active.
    • Harvest: Exeggutor's Hidden Ability. After consuming a held berry, there is a one in three chance it will replenish that berry next turn.
  • Pokémon Moves:
    • Seed Bomb: A physical Grass-type move.
    • Barrage: A physical Normal-type move that hits up to five times a turn.
    • Hypnosis: A status Psychic-type move that puts the target to sleep, but has lower accuracy.
    • Confusion: A special Psychic-type move that has a small chance to confuse the target.
    • Stomp: A physical Normal-type move with a chance to flinch the target.
    • Psyshock: A special Psychic-type move that damages targets based on Defense rather than Special Defense.
    • Egg Bomb: A physical Normal-type move.
    • Wood Hammer: A physical Grass-type move that deals recoil damage to the user.
    • Leaf Storm: A special Grass-type move that lowers the user's Special Attack by two stages.

Alternate FormsEdit

Alolan ExeggutorEdit

Alolan Exeggutor
Because of the abundance of sunlight in the Alola region, the Alolan Exeggutor has grown to five times it's regular counterparts size, standing at 35'09" and weighing 916.2 lbs. The people of the Alola region boast about it since they consider this to be the true form of Exeggutor. Alolan Exeggutor is a dual Grass and Dragon-type. According to the Pokédex, Alolan Exeggutor gained its Dragon typing by outgrowing its reliance on psychic powers, awakening the power of the sleeping dragon within it.
  • Type Resistances: Alolan Exeggutor's Grass and Dragon typing makes it resistant to Ground, Water, Electric, and Grass-type attacks.
  • Pokémon Abilities:
    • Frisk: The Pokémon identifies the opposing Pokémon's item upon switching in.
  • Pokémon Moves:
    • ​Dragon Hammer: Instead of Stomp, Alolan Exeggutor learns Dragon Hammer, a physical Dragon-type move that only Alolan Exeggutor can learn.


  • Type Weaknesses: Exeggutor takes double damage from Flying, Poison, Ghost, Fire, Ice, and Dark-type attacks, and quadruple damage from Bug-type attacks.
    • Alolan Exeggutor takes double damage from Flying, Poison, Fairy, and Dragon-type attacks, and quadruple damage from Ice-type attacks.
  • Low Speed and Special Defense: These two stats are not Exeggutor's strongest. Though it can double it's speed if it has the Chlorophyll ability.
  • Alolan Exeggutor is meme status.


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