Kent Nelson
Series DC Comics
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Height 6' 2"
Weight 197 lbs (89 kg)
Alignment Lawful Good

If this role is mine alone and despite whatever sacrifices I must accept, if I can help better this broken world...then let it be my fate!
~ Doctor Fate

Magic is like any other medium. Clay is shapeless until the artist shapes it. Magic in the hands of the wielder can be anything. Destruction... Beauty...
~ Doctor Fate

Sometimes I think a good fight accomplishes more than all the learning in the world.
~ Doctor Fate

~ Doctor Fate

Let your Fate be sealed in Justice!
~ Doctor Fate to Extant

Kent Nelson, better known as Doctor Fate , is a superhero from DC Comics. He is a powerful magical sorcerer and guardian of order.


Powers & Abilities

  • Enhanced Physique: Even without his magical powers, Kent is still physically superior to any normal human.
  • Immortality: Fate's body is pure force when he wills it to, making him unaffected by the death field. It has been stated that he is a being with no end. He cannot age and is completely immune to any form of diseases.
  • High Intellect: Kent has knowledge of occultism and has knowledge of different types of magic and types of ancient artefacts.


  • Helmet of Fate: The helmet granted to Kent by Nabu, the helmet is the source of his immense magical powers. The helmet is very ancient, gaining every single experience from past users and even Nabu, a being with 500,000 years of experience. It contains its own universe, extremely durable as it survived being thrown across dimensions at the "velocity of a god". It's also extremely fast, able to outpace the big bang and capable of reforming itself, and a greater resistance to draining magic.
    • Telekinesis: Can telepathically lift objects with his mind. He uses it for flight if he is not wearing his helm on. His telekinesis is capable enough to move a planet to a sun.
    • Healing: Kent can heal any forms of wounds and can potentially cure all diseases with his Helmet of Fate on claimed by Detective Chimp.
    • Flight: With his helmet on, he can fly into outer space in an instant.
    • Invisibility
    • Intangibility: Fate can make himself completely intangible as well as others in order to phase through objects or let attacks pass through. He can be intangible to pass through magical barriers.
    • Illusions
    • Telepathy: Fate is able to read the minds of pretty much everyone. His telepathy is extraordinary, capable of enacting mental shields, erase memories, remove mind control, absorb memories into his mind, feel a person's conscious etc, sense and dispels illusions. His telepathy has incredible range, as it can reach between dimensions. He can purge evil out of a thief, remove heroine addiction, and cleansed suicidal thoughts in people's mind. 
    • Size Manipulation: Fate can grow to the size of a planet to repair it while weakened.
    • Duplication: Fate can create an infinite of clones of himself. 
    • Energy Manipulation: Kent is capable enough to manipulate and control any form of energy on a grand scale. Kent can use it to shoot energy blasts, drain the energy from his foe by "thinking clearly", absorb energy and add it to his own, use an enemies' energy against them without fear of re-powering them, channel and entire city's worth of electricity. Inza Nelson, a past Doctor Strange, managed to absorb every single energy from the Lord of Chaos at once and channel it into one fragile mortal body.
      • Energy Blasts: Kent can shoot magical blasts of energy. He can fire reverse magic to cause enemies to do the opposite attempts on what they are doing. 
      • Instant Materialisation: Like the Green Lanterns, Kent can produce magical energy constructs of anything he can think of at the top of his head. It ranges from a massive sword to giant chains to aid Superman to pull continents.
      • Force Field: Fate can produce shields to defend him from attacks. Not only can he create a shield for himself, he can also create shields around people and objects like the Earth at one time. He can use forcefields to imprison people such as Zanadu, a being who has the power of a miniature sun. Fate can also break forcefields by just looking at them.
    • Matter Manipulation:
      • ​Transmogrification:
    • Atmokinesis:
    • Elemental Manipulation:
    • Necromancy:
    • Magic Awareness: 
    • Banishing:
    • Summoning:
    • Soul Manipulation:
    • Dimensional Travel:
    • Time Manipulation:
    • Reality Warping:
  • Blaster:
  • Amulet of Anubis:
  • Cloak of Destiny:
  • Orb of Nabu:
  • Tower of Fate:



Truimative Fate





  • Has great knowledge of many different forms of magic and mystic artifacts.



  • Equipment Dependence: While Fate is an incredibly powerful sorcerer, all of his magical power comes from his equipment, particularly his helmet, and he will lose a lot of his power if he loses any of his gear.

Fun Facts

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