MLP Discord
Series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Age At least 1000
Birthday Unknown
Sex Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
I'm not evil, princess. I'm chaotic. Not the same thing. I oppose order, not good
~ Discord

Discord is a draconequus and the god of chaos. He was turned into stone twice but he is now reformed.


A thousand year ago, Discord reigned Equestria. However, Celestia and Luna found the elements of harmony and went to Discord to end his reign. Discord didn't know what power the elements of harmony had and told them to get it over, thinking that it will not work. When the two sisters used them, Discord found himself turning into stone.

A thousand years later, Discord somehow managed to break free. He quickly hid the elements of harmony in a book when Twilight first known about the elements of harmony. He somehow managed to know that there were new bearers and gave them a riddle to find the elements of harmony. The six ponies quickly set out to find it. However, they got the riddle wrong and instead went to a maze. There, Discord separated and corrupted them, making them the opposite of who they really are. Eventually, Twilight managed to break the curse of Discord and found the elements of harmony. They confronted Discord, who once again underestimate the elements of harmony. Thus, Discord was turned into stone again.

After a while, Celestia sent Discord's statue to Ponyville, where they freed and reformed Discord.

Powers & Abilities

  • Chaotic Magic: With a snap of a finger, Discord can corrupt ponies, making himself look like anything, make houses float, teleport and more. He has shown the ability of time travel, creating illnesses that he can infect others with, affecting an entire town, if not all of Equestria, with his reality warping, making the Sun and moon fly around the planet without having to exert any effort into it, and even causing absolute chaos in his sleep.
  • Immortality: Discord apparently has been around for eons, and being imprisoned in stone for a thousand years didn't seem to faze him in the slightest. It's possible, though not yet surely the case, that Discord cannot be killed through conventional means.
  • Intelligence: Discord is also rather crafty, knowing more than a thing or two about time travel, and intentionally causing certain events through out the series to help Twilight learn important lessons, such as being a Princess or understanding jealousy.
  • Toon-Force: Though he hasn't yet shown much of it, Discord does seem to possess toon-force, being able to pull ridiculous and silly feats that are well in the realm of cartoon physics.



  • Discord casually uprooted a large tree from the ground as though it were made of styrofoam in the episode, "Three's A Crowd".
  • Discord sent Doctor Whooves flying high and far into the air with a single kick. (IDW comics)
  • Was able to casually move the Sun and Moon.


  • Has outsped Princess Luna, who flew from the moon to Equestria as fast as possible, arriving to Equestria in several minutes.
  • Can move at speeds that not even Rainbow Dash can react to.


  • In both cases where he was defeated, the Elements of Harmony were needed to put him down, not including when his magic was stolen from Tirek.
  • Discord has once survived a fall through Equestria's atmosphere in one of the comics, with nothing but a meteor protecting him. Upon crash landing near Fluttershy's cottage, Discord emerged only to be completely unharmed.


  • Defeated Celestia and Luna on his own.


  • Elements of Harmony: Discord can easily be turned to stone with this.
  • Cockiness: Discord is extremely cocky. After being turned into stone once, he still did not think that the six bearers of harmony could do the same.
  • Magic Absorption: Discord do not have any protection from magic being absorbed, as seen when Tirek absorbed his magic.
  • Lack of Combat Experience: For all his power, Discord has not yet displayed any sort of combat experience. We have yet to know how he'd handle himself in a fight, or if he has any moves or spells specifically for battle.

Fun Facts

  • Lauren Faust, the creator of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, originally designed Discord to be more kid friendly because she thought that Hasbro would tell her to make it more kid friendly if she did not. Much to her surprise, Hasbro said that the design was not terrifying enough. Thus, the current design was born.
  • According to writer Nick Colafone, Discord is Jewish.