Series Pokémon
Age Unknown
Sex Depends on the individual
Height 5'03" (1.6 m)
Weight 80.7 lbs. (36.6 kg)
Alignment Unknown
It fires arrow quills from its wings with such precision, they can pierce a pebble at distances over a hundred yards.
~ Decidueye's Pokédex entry from Pokémon Sun
Decidueye is a Grass/Ghost-type Pokémon from the Alola region. It is the final evolution of Rowlet, the Grass-type starter Pokémon of that region.


Decidueye is the Arrow Quill Pokémon, and the final evolutionary stage of Rowlet, preceeded by Dartrix. It is a cool and cautious Pokémon, though it's quickly seized by panic when surprised. Using its bow-like wings, Decidueye can draw back its quills and fire them as arrows at its targets.

Powers & Abilities

  • Stealth Skills: Decidueye is capable of moving in near-perfect stealth. Once the enemy has lost sight of it, Decidueye attacks the enemy before it notices.
  • Archery Skills: Decidueye is capable of firing its feathers as arrows. He can throw a single arrow in a tenth of a second, and these arrows can pierce targets from over half a mile away (800 metres).
  • Overgrow: Decidueye's ability. It increases the power of Grass-type attacks by 50% when Decidueye's health is low.
  • Long Reach: Decidueye's hidden ability. It allows him to attack foes with direct-contact moves without suffering any side effects from their abilities.


  • Spirit Shackle: Decidueye's signature move. Decidueye shoots an arrow that pins the enemy's shadow to the ground, and then explodes. This attack impedes the enemy's escape.
  • U-Turn: Bug-type attack that consists of the user charging at the enemy, and then return to its Pokéball (if it is a trainer's Pokémon).
  • Tackle: A weak attack that consists of the user charging at the enemy.
  • Leafage: The user attacks by pelting the target with leaves.
  • Growl: The user growls in an endearing way, making opposing Pokémon less wary. This lowers their Attack stat.
  • Peck: Decidueye jabs at the enemy with its beak.
  • Astonish: The user attacks the target while shouting in a startling fashion. This may also make the target flinch.
  • Razor Leaf: Sharp-edged leaves are launched to slash at the opposing Pokémon. Critical hits land more easily.
  • Foresight: This move allows Decidueye to hit Ghost-type Pokémon with Normal and Fighting-type moves.
  • Pluck: The user pecks the target. If the target is holding a Berry, the user eats it and gains its effect.
  • Synthesis: Decidueye absorbs light from the sun to heal himself. It will recover more health if the weather is sunny.
  • Fury Attack: Decidueye attacks the enemy with its beak multiple times.
  • Sucker Punch: This move enables the user to attack first. This move fails if the target is not readying an attack.
  • Leaf Blade: The user handles a sharp leaf like a sword and attacks by cutting its target. Critical hits land more easily.
  • Feather Dance: The user covers the target's body with a mass of down that harshly lowers its Attack stat.
  • Brave Bird: The user tucks in its wings and charges from a low altitude. This also damages the user quite a lot.
  • Nasty Plot: The user stimulates its brain by thinking bad thoughts. This sharply raises the user's Special Atack stat.



  • (Ash's Rowlet) Was able to cut through a neat that several Trumbeak and a Toucannon were unable to tear apart.
  • (Ash's Rowlet) With Leafage, destroyed Team Rocket's air balloon.
  • (Ash's Rowlet) Sent Oricorio flying several metres with a single kick.
  • Able to shoot arrows that reach up through the sky, only to come drilling down from above, piercing multiple targets one after another.
  • Its arrows can pierce through a target after travelling over half a mile.


  • (Ash's Rowlet) Dodged lightning from Oricorio's Revelation Dance.
  • Can fire an arrow in a tenth of a second.


  • Immune to Normal and Fighting-type attacks.


  • Its arrows can pierce a pebble at distances over a hundred yards.
  • Decidueye is capable of performing extremely tricky curved shots.


  • Ghost, Dark, Fire, Ice, and Flying-type attacks.
  • If it is attacked by surprise, it will panic.


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