Series Marvel Comics
Sex Male
Height 6'2"
Weight 225 lbs
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Check me out! I'm the ghost of christmas KICK YOUR ASS!
~ Deadpool
Oh, hey! Wade Wilson here, also known as Deadpool. Thanks for taking the time out of your life to check out this article that tells you just how awesome I am! Now, sit back, grab a drink, and-


Uh oh. Gotta run.


Wade Wilson had always been rather mentally unstable. In his adulthood, he found himself wanting to be a hero by joining the military, but they turned him down because of his mental instability. And to make matters worse, Wade then discovered that he was diagnosed with lung cancer and was slowly dying. He broke up with his girlfriend to spare her from the burden of a man doomed to die, however it wasn't long before the Weapon X program came to him, offering not to cure his cancer, but to work around it to make him into the hero he always wanted to be. The program gave him a healing factor that negated his cancer... But also made him even more insane, and massively mutilated his face with rapidly-growing tumors. Because his healing factor made him nearly unkillable, the sadistic Dr. Killebrew used him for his experiments that would kill any normal human being. He escaped the Weapon X facilty and took up the mantle of the hero, Deadpool. Except... Whether or not he's a hero is pretty debatable.

Powers & Abilities

  • Enhanced Physiology.
  • Weapons Proficency.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Deadpool heals at an incredibly increased rate, allowing him to recover from almost any wound in moments, even if that would instantly kill most humans. He has survived having his skull completely crushed, being hit by a nuclear explosion, and being chopped to pieces.
  • Master Martial Artist: Deadpool is an extremely skilled martial artist with almost any weapon, and has bested the Taskmaster several times, an impressive feat given that Taskmaster has all of the martial arts skill of Captain America and several other heroes.
  • Medium Awareness: Deadpool is fully aware that he's a fictional character, and is well known for breaking the fourth wall many, many times. He's fully aware of whatever media he's in, whether it be comic books, video games, television, or wikis filled with people who have nothing better to do with their lives other than post a bunch of stuff about other fictional characters - I did not write that last part.
  • Unpredictability: Due to his insanity, Wade is extremely unpredictable, which adds to his extreme dangerousness in combat... PARSHNIPS!!! See?
  • His Mouth: Almost always talks in combat, to either distract his opponents, throw them off, or to infuriate them, making them lose a cool head.


  • Magic Satchel of Unlimited Weaponry: allows him to pull almost any item from seemingly nowhere. The weapons he can pull out include:
    • Katanas: Wade has an assortment of Katanas that he uses, typically duel wielding them, for close range combat.
    • Carbonadium Sword: A word in the style of a Katana, it is made out of the super strong alloy Carbonadium and is capable of impeding healing factors.
    • Guns: being an expert marksmen Wade has a wide variety of guns that he typically uses for long range combat.
    • Grenades: Wade has been known to carry grenades on his person for use in various situations.
    • Matter Disintegration Gun: This weapon destroys anything on a molecular scale. Deadpool mainly brings it out against unkillable beings such as vampires, and has stated that he has never seen anyone survive the blast.
    • Portable Dubstep Cannon: In his fight against Carnage, Deadpool used Carnage’s own weakness against sound based attacks against him by attaching small speakers to himself. Weaponized sounds that are around 700 kHz to 3.6 MHz can cause lung and intestinal damage, but let’s be honest here - you will probably pass out first due to the awful music.
    • Time Gun Machine: It fires chronokinetic energy through a bullet casing. Meaning it has the ability to shoot time. According to Deadpool (so this might be inaccurate) it can kill characters with chronokinetic abilities/people who time travel like his old pal Cable but it’s most bizarre ability is that it can turn people into historic figures such as Hitler.
    • Hunting Knives
    • Hidden Switchblades
    • Twin Sai
    • Wristblades
    • Bombs
    • Several C-4s
    • Neural Destructor Nets
    • Wires
    • Grappling Hook Guns
    • A Suitcase Bomb
    • Binoculars
    • Sniping Scopes
    • His Motorcycle
    • Smoke Grenades
    • Sonic Bombs
    • Bolas
    • Shurrikens
    • Exploding Shurrikens
    • Escrama Sticks
    • A Bo Staff
    • A Chainsaw
    • Various Poison, Sleeping, and Cyanide Gases
    • Tranquilizer Darts
    • Rocket Launchers
    • Bazookas
    • Rail Guns
    • Bug Spray
  • His Suit: His trademark costume that is also resistant to fire, most of the time.
  • His Belt: A device that Wade uses to teleport to around anywhere on earth. The Belt also can change his physical appearance.
  • Unnamed Device: Allows Deadpool to open a portal door that transports him and anyone who goes with him to any far away place, universes, dimensions or any nearby place he's too lazy to walk to.
  • Continuity Gem: The unofficial, hidden seventh Infinity Gem. It can alter anything in the long-standing history of Marvel Comics in a near-instant, which makes it a prize attraction for fanboys pissed off at whatever stupid decision the company is responsible for at any time. In terms of actually being used as a weapon though, it hasn’t.







  • Mental Stability: Deadpool is not very sane, and has multiple voices in his head that he holds conversations with, due to his insanity Deadpool is prone to doing things that are not very rational, even in combat.
  • Overconfidence: Due in large to his healing factor and immortality, Deadpool is known for throwing caution to the wind and putting himself in dangerous situations without even thinking of a proper plan.
  • Annoying:
  • Cure for Cancer: Deadpool's healing factor replaces his body's cells as fast as his cancer can kill them. Therefor, should his cancer ever be cured, it would create horrible growths on his body and he would eventually explode, as shown on some Skrulls that copied his healing factor.
  • Phobias: Despite being an insane casual killer, Deadpool does possess Bovinophobia, Alektorophobia, and Monophobia. he fears of cows, chickens, and the fear of being truly alone.

Fun Facts

  • Deadpool was directly inspired by Deathstroke.
  • Deadpool thinks his best friend is Wolverine, which couldn't be further from the truth. His real best friend is Bob, Agent of Hydra.

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