Cole MacGrath
Cole MacGrath render from inFamous 2 Duality Trailer
Series inFAMOUS
Age 26
Sex Male
Height 6'0"
Weight 180lbs.
Alignment Neutral Good

Cole MacGrath is the main character of the video game series 'InFAMOUS'. He is an electric-manipulator conduit and an outsider.


Cole was once an ordinary bike rider delivering packages to unknown strangers but one day, when he was carrying package, inside was a bomb known as Ray Sphere and was exploded leading to a destruction of 5 feet tall building with Cole with it.

Luckily Cole survived the explosion but after going to a medical place, Cole discovered something weird happened to him. The explosion gave him electronic powers and became an outsider known as a Conduit.

Powers & Abilities

  • Parkour
  • Electrokenesis
    • Bolts
      • Alpha Bolts
      • Artillery Bolts
      • Magnum Bolts
      • Bolt Stream
      • Lightning
      • Scythe
      • Skull
    • Blasts
      • Alpha Blasts
      • Sniper Blasts
      • Lightning Hook
      • Detonation Blast
      • Graviton Blast
      • Shatter Blast
      • Shockwave
      • Punch
    • Grenades
      • Shock Grenades
      • Alpha Grenades
      • Stalker Grenades
      • Electrocution Grenades
      • Sticky Grenades
      • Cluster Grenades
      • Double Grenades
      • Chained Grenades
    • Rockets
      • Alpha Rockets
      • Redirect Rockets
      • Tripwire Rockets
      • Freeze Rockets
      • Megawatt Hammer
    • Miscs
      • Radar Pulse
      • Gigawatt Drain
      • Induction Grind
      • Thunder Drop
      • Psychic Vision
      • Kinetic Pulse
      • Lightning Pulse
      • Ice Launch
      • Ice Platform
      • Ice Barrier
      • Polarity Wall
      • Frost Shield
      • Precision
      • Static Thruster
      • Car Jump
      • Arc Restraint
      • Bio Leech
      • Gigawatt Blades
      • Magnetism
      • Electric Immunity
      • Lightning Storm
    • Ionic Powers
      • Ionic Storm
      • Ionic Vortex
      • Ionic Freeze
    • Electromagnetism
    • Cryokinesis/Ice Manipulation
    • Forcefields
    • Mental Manipulation(via Neuroelectricity)
    • Telepathic Resistance
    • Superhuman Strength and Durability
    • Superhuman Speed and Reflexes
    • Clairvoyance
    • White Lightning Manipulation
    • Long-Distance Gliding
    • Full Flight
    • Kinetic Energy Manipulation
    • Electrokinetic Constructs
    • Weather Manipulation
    • Healing Factor/Regeneration
    • Energy/Aura Sensing
    • Radar Sense
    • Telepathy
    • Precognition and Retrocognition


  • Amp: Ever since Cole fought The Beast for the first time, his friend Zeke made a device which is capable to channel his own powers to the amp. With this melee weapon, it's capable to thrust people's neck flying and uses it as a finishing move.
  • Phone: Used by Cole to contact with friends and allies. Can also be used to process information, playback recordings, and transmit data.
  • Trid-Amp: A version of the Amp in the shape of a trident.



  • Can hit full grown men off their feet and into the air effortlessly.
  • His gigawatt blades can cut through monsters which are capable surviving large explosions.
  • His lightning is powerful enough to puncture through armoured aircraft carriers.
  • Can pry open the mouth of a Devourer with his bare hands, which weigh the mass of a tank.


  • Fast enough to react to an RPG firing.
  • Easily evades machine guns.
  • Can dodge Kessler's lightning.
  • Can travel across the city before a First Son can fire a rocket.


  • Cole is submerged in an explosion that takes out 6 city blocks and lives through it. Even his future self didn't know if he could seriously he didn't know.
  • Cole took being thrown through and crushed under multiple buildings and kept fighting afterwards, and said that he barely felt the impact of being crushed under Alden's tower.
  • Has shrugged of Rockets.
  • Tanked City-leveling attacks from The Beast.


  • Resisted the hypnotic possessions of Sahsa's mind control tar.
  • Defeated Kuo, another conduit who gave Cole Ice powers and The Beast at the same time.
  • Defeated his future self with 50+ years more experience.
  • Defeated Bertrand when he was a 50 feet tall monster.


  • Runs on limited energy.
  • Can cause firearms and cars to explode in contact.
  • Can be short-circuited by water(though this is inconsistent, as he can survive falling in water after fighting The Beast just fine). He can also freeze water with his ice powers.
  • White Lightning Manipulators can bypass his immunity to electricity.
  • Nowhere as edgy as Evil Cole.

Fun Facts

-He is 27 years old in inFAMOUS 2.

-His backpack has the Sky Cooper logo.

-On Death Battle Deviantart, has defeated foes such as Electro, Alex Mercer, James Heller, and even Starkiller. And has yet to lose.

-Calculations have put his maximum power at Multi-Continent to Moon Level destruction.

-Calculations put his maximum voltage at 20 Gigawatts(200,000,000,000 Volts).

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