Choplin Sukegawa
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Series Deadman Wonderland
Age 32
Sex Female (Transgender)
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alignment True Neutral

Choplin Sukegawa (Or otherwise known as Peacock) is a supporting character from the manga series Deadman Wonderland. She is a deadman Ganta met in the G-ward.


Choplin Sukegawa lived as normal working guy, living a happy life with his boyfriend. That was until one day he came home early from work were he caught his boyfriend cheating on him with a women. When caught so did his boyfriend admitted that he only hooked up with him for the money and the women taunted Choplin, saying that "he couldn't find love because wasn't a woman". In this moment of anger and despair so did his branch of sin awakened and he accidentally killed the woman. Later when she went to jail so did she take up the identity of a women and started to dress like the woman she killed.

Powers & Abilities

  • Peacock Peak: Choplin is a deadman, which allow her to control her blood outside her body. Her branch of sin is Peacock Peak, which makes it so that she create six spiked projectiles. She can use them as a weapon or as objects to limit the enemy's movement. The size of these can vary greatly.
    • Love Whip: She can fuse her Branch of Sin with Minatsuki Takami's Whip Wing to create Love Whip. Love Whip is a spiked whip made out of their blood.


  • Choplin past ain't exactly dot free, which can be used to emotionally manipulate her, which was seen with her fight against Uzume Sumeragi.
  • Like all other deadmen, so does she have cut her skin in someway before using her power.

Fun Facts

  • She was one of the characters that were cut from the anime version.

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