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Are you an aspiring VS Debater? Well, maybe we can help you out with that. Here at the Character Profile Wiki, we have exactly that... profiles of characters from pop culture. Whether they be anime, comics, video games, TV shows, books, or anything else that has characters, chances are we'll have a page for that character to help you get to know them better! At least, in terms of what they're capable of and who they'd beat in a fight. If you have any questions, please ask any of the administrators listed below:

And feel free to edit, create, and expand on any articles! Within reason, of course.


  1. Be as respectful to one another as humanly possible.
  2. No flame wars.
  3. No half-assing profiles.
  4. No joke or troll profiles (unless it's in a blog).
  5. No fan-made series or OCs (again, unless it's in a blog).
  6. No spamming.
  7. No sockpuppeting.
  8. Before creating new categories, please post your idea in this thread and wait for the administrators' approval. Series categories are an exception to this rule.
  9. To keep the profiles as objective as possible, the feats must be given at face value. Meaning that you should not include calculations or estimates of what the feats entail.
  10. For an object to have an item page; they have to be fictional and used by more than one character.
  11. Do not directly copy the information in profiles on this wiki from other wikis or databases. If you suspect a part of a profile to be plagiarized, please inform an admin.

Failure to follow any of these rules will result in a warning by an administrator. Ignoring the warning will result in a temporary or permanent block.

How do I make profiles?Edit

I'm glad you asked that! Just click here to see an example of a character profile on this wiki.

Featured Profile Edit


Mario is the titular protagonist of the Super Mario series, and is the mascot of the company Nintendo. Mario as a baby was destined for greatness as one of the seven Star Children. Mario grew up alongside his brother Luigi in apparently Brooklyn and later to reside in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario's job aside from being a plumber that barely even does plumbing is to help and rescue Princess Peach from being kidnapped by his arch-nemesis Bowser. In almost every scenario, Mario wins the fight by outsmarting Bowser thanks to using Bowser's weapons or the environment against the Koopa King. Learn more about him in his profile, here!

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