200px-Carr HGSS Adventures
Series Pokémon
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alignment Neutral Evil
Carr is a member of Team Rocket and an antagonist of the Fire Red & Leaf Green arc in the Pokémon Adventures manga.

Background Edit

Carr is one of the Three Beasts of Team Rocket, highly skilled members of Team Rocket, that Giovanni picked to aid him on his mission to retrieve Deoxys.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Forretress (x12): Carr owns a set of 12 Forretress, a Steel/Bug-type Pokémon introduced in the second generation of video games. All the Forretress know the move Explosion, a strong Normal-type attack that creates a giant explosion from the user, and by extension faints them. One of them has also been shown to use Spike, a move that scatter spikes around the enemies' feet and hurts any incoming enemy.
  • Steelix: A Steel/Ground-type Pokémon that is the evolution of Onix. Its known moves are Dragon Breath and Iron Tail. Dragon Breath being a special Dragon-type move that can paralyze the target, and Iron Tail being a strong Steel-type attack and has a chance to lower the target's physical defense.
  • Skarmory: A steel/Flying-type Pokémon. He used this Pokémon to escape a crashing aircraft by the end of the FRLG arc. None of its moves are known.

Equipment Edit

  • Pow! Hand Extension: A big machine with three pincer hand. It is based on the Trading Card of the same name.

Feats Edit

Strength Edit

  • The explosion by one of his Forretress, left a giant crater on the aircraft it was on. (PSA 298)

Durability Edit

  • His Steelix took a Focus Punch from Poli right in the mouth, crash through a wall and could continue fighting. (PSA 278)
  • He could take a hit from Deoxys. (PSA 288)

Skills Edit

  • Outsmarted Sird (And technically defeated her), left everyone to die at the climax of the FRLG arc(All be it, unsuccessfully) and was left the leader of Team Rocket by the end of FRLG. (PSA 298)

Weaknesses Edit

  • All of his Pokémon have a Steel-typing, so he's more susceptible to Pokémon with typings that are super-effective against Steel-types.

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