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Bleach is a popular anime/manga series written and illustrated by Tite Kubo. It narrates the story of Ichigo, a human turned God of Death or Shinigami.

Series Dictionary

  • Arrancar: They are Hollows who tore off their masks to gain Shinigami-like powers. Most of them serve Sōsuke Aizen.
  • Hollow: A race of human souls who didn't go to Soul Society after their deaths. Some of them roam the World of the Living, while most of them live in Hueco Mundo. They are divided into several classes.
  • Shinigami/Soul Reaper:
  • Kidō:
  • Reiryoku:
  • Reiatsu:
  • Soul Slayer/Zanpakutō: The main weapons of the Shinigami and Arrancar. They are weapons, usually swords, formed from the user's soul, which have two different release states. The first release state, known as Shikai, transforms the weapon into a different form, granting it new abilities depending on the wielder. The second release state, Bankai, greatly boosts the user's power and upgrades the Zanpakuto's abilities, though it can only be gained through summoning and subjugating the spirit of the wielder's Zanpakuto.
  • Quincy:


Soul Society Arc

Arrancar, Hueco Mundo & Fake Karakura Town Arc

Lost Substitute Shinigami Arc

Thousand Year Blood War Arc