Bayonetta SSB4
Series Bayonetta (series)
Age 500+
Sex Female
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alignment Chaotic Good
Don't fuck with a witch!
~ Bayonetta
Bayonetta is the titular protagonist of the Bayonetta series of games.


Bayonetta, really named Cereza, is the daughter of Umbra Witch Rosa and Lumen Sage Balder. Despite being part-Lumen Sage, she was raised among the Umbra Witches. However, the union of Umbra Witch and Lumen Sage broke the balance of the three worlds, driving the forces of Paradiso and Inferno into a war that killed most of the Umbra Witches, except for Cereza and another witch named Jeanne, but Cereza ended up sealed in a coffin at the bottom of a lake. In present day, Cereza awakens from her prison and, with no memory of her past, gets the help of demon weaponsmith Rodin and his loud-mouthed informant Enzo to kill any of the angels that come after her to kill her and drive the Umbra Witches into extinction.

Powers & Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: As an Umbra Witch, Bayonetta is much stronger than the ordinary human. She's strong enough to suplex massive dragons and send giant buildings flying with her kicks.
  • Superhuman Speed: Even without Witch Time, Bayonetta is extremely fast. She can kick fast enough to set her leg on fire, and react to falling satellites in seconds.
  • Superhuman Agility: To go with her speed, Bayonetta also has great reflexes. She's easily capable of dodging bullets and even lightning.
  • Witch Time: Witch Time is a secret magic of Umbra Witches that slows time around them to a crawl, letting them avoid deadly attacks without much trouble.
  • Wicked Weaves: Bayonetta summons the limbs of Infernal Demons by forming them out of hair to deal powerful punches and kicks to her enemies.
  • Torture Attacks: When she needs to finish off an enemy fast, Bayonetta can form her hair into massive torture machines to brutally rip and tear her foes apart.
  • Beast Within: Another ability of Umbra Witches is the power to shapeshift into animals. Bayonetta can turn into a panther for a speed boost, a crow for flight that can also shoot feathers as projectiles, a swarm of bats to fly through enemy attacks, and a snake for underwater travel.
  • Summoning Infernals: One of Bayonetta's most powerful abilities is the power to summon Infernals, demons from the pits of Inferno, by using a special dance and chant to form them out of her hair. Some of these demons are Madama Butterfly, a giant demon women with butterfly wings and the strength to shatter meteors with her punches, Gomorrah, a demonic dragon that can rip an entire angel to pieces, Malphas, a large raven that Bayonetta can summon the wings of to let her fly, Hekatoncheir, a six-armed giant with the strength to pulverize mountains, though Bayonetta usually just summons its arms, and Queen Sheba, the ruler of Inferno who has enough power to send someone flying through the solar system with enough force to shatter every planet they hit.
  • Other Magic: Bayonetta has a large array of magical powers, from walking up walls during a full moon, to cartoonishly flattening herself to survive being crushed, to hijacking vehicles by sticking her finger into ignition, and even freezing water with her breath.


  • Love is Blue: Bayonetta's main handguns and replacements for her previous guns, the Scarborough Fair, Love is Blue is a set of four handguns that Bayonetta wields in her hands and feet by sticking to of them in her heels.
  • Onyx Roses: Sawn-off shotguns powered by the souls of fairies.
  • Shuraba: A living demonic katana that contains the heart of the god of war, and can fire waves of energy with the Full-Moon Slash technique.
  • Pillow Talk: A beam sword that can fire green energy waves. It's one of Bayonetta's strongest melee weapons.
  • Lt. Colonel Kilgore: A pair of rocket launchers that double as tonfa.
  • Undine: Twin clubs that can be used to shoot both fire and ice.
  • Rodin: A set of golden rings that shapeshift into different weapons, such as chainsaws, bows, flaming claws, and even energy-shooting trumpets.
  • Kulshedra: A living snake whip that can extend at people to grab them from far away.
  • Chernabog: A triple-bladed scythe that can fire its blades as projectiles.
  • Takemikazuchi: A large hammer that can electrify itself and fire off electric shockwaves when smashed on the ground.
  • Kafka: A cursed bow that fires poisoned arrows.
  • Rakshasa: A pair of curved swords that are easy to wield.
  • Durga: A set of gauntlets and greaves that channel claws of fire and electricity, which can be used to control flames and lightning.
  • Odette: Demonic ice skates that freeze enemies with their attacks.
  • Sai Fung: Nunchucks with revolvers built into them.
  • Bazillions: A set of four laser guns that destabilize the molecules of people who get shot by them.

Alternate Forms

  • Umbran Climax: A super mode Bayonetta can access when her magic gauge is full. When activated, Bayonetta's strength and speed get a boost, and she gains the ability to summon Wicked Weaves with every attack. She can even summon her Infernal Demons without performing the special dance and chant.



  • ​Her kicks can send buildings flying and knock jets out of the air.
  • Tossed around a colossal dragon.
  • Knocked away a skyscraper with a headbutt.
  • Sliced through an Auditio with her bare hands.
  • Stopped a giant satellite from reentering Earth's atmosphere and threw it.
  • Madama Butterfly can shatter meteors with her punches.
  • Hekatoncheir can pulverize mountains.
  • Queen Sheba sent Jubileus flying through the whole solar system with one punch, shattering every planet its body hit.


  • Can dodge bullets and lightning.
  • Can kick fast enough to ignite her leg from the friction.
  • When bullets were fired directly behind her while time was frozen, instantly reacted to and dodged them when time unfroze.
  • Reacted to a falling satellite in seconds.
  • Her panther form can outrun cars.


  • Shrugged off gunshots strong enough to blast through metal.
  • Tanked being crushed by a building.
  • Casually walked through a tornado with no injury.
  • Survived atmospheric reentry.
  • Survived being on an exploding planet.
  • Tanked a superpowered bullet to the face and was merely staggered


  • Easily defeates many angels that are much larger than her.
  • Fought with Jeanne. 
  • Knows the Bullet Arts, an Umbra Witch fighting style that combines hand-to-hand, gun-fighting, and magic.
  • Defeated Jubileus, the creator of the universe.
  • With the Masked Lumen's help, defeated Aesir.
  • Fought her way through Inferno and back.


  • Her Infernals are easily destroyed: While very powerful, the Infernals are still made of hair, and as such are pretty fragile. This is why Bayonetta usually summons them to finish off weakened opponents.
  • Can only wield two weapons at a time: Even though she can wield weapons in both her hands and feet, Bayonetta is restricted to using two weapons at a time, though she can switch them out at will.

CPW's Conclusions



Fun Facts

  • Bayonetta is the winner of the 2015 Smash Ballot for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, having a majority of the votes in Europe and being in the top five in America.

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