Series Pokémon
Age As old as the Pokémon universe itself.
Sex Genderless
Height 0.3 m | 1'00"
Weight 0.3 kg | 0.7 lbs
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Azelf is a psychic-type Pokémon introduced in the forth generation of Pokémon games. Azelf is one of the Lake Guardians, together with Mespirit and Uxie.


Azelf was born from an egg together with the other Lake guardians created by Arceus, before it went to its slumber. Sometime after its birth it blessed the people of the world with willpower. At some point it dove down to Lake Valor to keep the world at balance.

Powers & Abilities


  • Levitate: Like the rest of the Lake Guardians, so does Azelf have the ability Levitate. Levitate (as the name entails) give the owner the power of flight and it makes it immune to ground-type attacks.


  • Natural Gift: An attack that's type and power depends on the user's hold berry. it doesn't work if the user doesn't hold a berry.
  • Last Resort: A very strong physical normal-type attack only being able to be used if all the other moves have already been used.
  • Rest: A move that fully heals the user, while putting it at sleep.
  • Confusion: A weak special psychic-type attack that has a small chance to confuse the target.
  • Detect: A move that protects the user from any attack.
  • Swift: A special normal-type attack that never miss its targets.
  • Uproar: A special normal-type attack locks the user on this move until it has used it three times.
  • Extrasensory: A special psychic-type attack that has a small chance to flinch the target.
  • Future Sight: A very strong special psychic-type attack that attacks two turns after it's used.
  • Nasty Plot: A move that raises the user's special attack by 100%.
  • Explosion: A extremely strong physical normal-type attack where the user faints after it have used it.


  • Draining Willpower: According to myth, if someone harms Azelf, so will the assaulter be drain of its willpower over five days, making it totally immobilized the fifth day.
  • Great Attack: Azelf has a exceptional high attack in both physical and special form.
  • High Speed: Azelf has a above average speed.
  • Resistances: Being a psychic-type Pokémon, so does it has a resistance against psychic-type and fighting-type attacks.



  • Helps to keep the world in balance.
  • Gave humanity willpower.





  • Low Defenses: While it has great attack, so does Azelf suffer in the defensive department.
  • Weaknesses: Thanks to Azelf's psychic-typing, so does it take double the damage from bug, dark and ghost-type attacks.

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