Axe Cop
Series Axe Cop
Age ???
Sex Male
Height ???
Weight ???
Alignment Lawful Good
Axe Cop is the main protagonist of the web comic "Axe Cop".


When he was born, he was born with a moustache that his dad nicked named him baby mario. He also have a brother known as Flute Cop and the only dinner that Axey and Flute had are candy canes.

However their parents were deceased due to candy cane poison which made Axe Cop despise candy canes.

While in their childhood, both Axey and Flute accidently bumped to each other leaving them not knowin they are brothers.

When he grown up, he was a taxi driver being fed up with bad guys cheating, he decided to become a cop and after that he thinks guns are boring so at the scene of the fire he found a perfect weapon which is an axe and now become known as Axe Cop.



  • Perfect Axe: Axe Cop's indestructible axe is his cup of tea. He can use the butt as blunt edge to smash things and deflect magical projectiles, can create flames to make a torch out of it. It can cut through anything with the exceptions of Super Vampire Kid-Baby's neck (what a mouthful) but due to shark blood exposing it, it can cut it with ease. In the episode Super Axe, he can create a cop and combine it to turn into super axe.
  • Unicorn Horn: For some reason unicorn horns are 99.9% percent common in the Axe Cop universe, by using Uni-baby's uni-horn, he can have unlimited wishes for literally anything though you can't wish for evil stuff and you have to specific (you can't wish to be rich but you can wish to have 10000000000000000 dollars) and you can't wish to become a witch.
  • Tiger Belt: When Axe Cop became the president of the world shortly after, the president of Karate, he can wield a Tiger Belt which is a belt with tiger claws...what else do you expect?


  • Wexter: Wexter is the dinosaur that has machine guns for arms capable for interplanetary flight, can breathe fire out of his mouth, has a adaptable super-duper fast bite and can somehow turn into a dragon.
  • Ralph Wrinkle: A talking-sun glass wearing dog that has karate powers, able to shoot healing lasers out of his eyes and can shoot death laser out of his mouth.



  • Once threw the sun back to orbit (though he had sun-wearing gloves and grey diamonds to help him but in the comics, done it by himslef.).
  • Can do infinite reps of push ups, sit ups and everything else in his daily routine.
  • Incinerated Chuck Norris.





Fun Facts

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