Atsuko Kagari
Series Little Witch Academia
Age 16
Sex Female
Height ???
Weight ???
Alignment Neutral Good
What’s an injury or two or three or four or five or six?! If I say I’ll ride a broom, then I’m gonna ride it!

Atsuko "Akko" Kagari is the main character of Little Witch Academia.


Akko was born in Japan and at the age of 6 she visited one of Shiny Chariot's magic shows. She was heavily inspired by the show, so 10 years later she enrolls in Luna Nova Academy to learn magic as it was the school where Chariot studied at.

Powers & Abilities

  • Magic
    • Shapeshifting: Akko can use the Animal Transformation Spell to shift into different animals or enlarge the size of other animals.
    • Telekinesis: Via Object Control Magic.
    • Resurrection: Akko can resurrect dead beings, as shown when she revived Captain Holbrook (though it was on accident and with the help of Sucy) the Pappiliodya and a dog.
    • Energy Projection
  • Resistance to Poison: Akko grew a resistance to poison-based attacks as a result of constant exposure to Sucy's potions.


  • Wand: A wand used for casting spells.
  • Shiny Rod: A magical staff which was originally the mythical Claiomh Solais.
    • Shiny Arc: By chanting "Noctu Orfei Aude Fraetor", Akko can transform the Shiny Rod into a bow and arrow. The arrows fired from the Shiny Arc are capable of blowing up giant monsters like the Ancient Dragon in one shot, and can even open portals that allow travel through the Ley Lines.



  • Busted a thick wooden gate.
  • Pulled out Vajarois' tree-sized seed with the help of Sucy and Lotte.
  • Destroyed a classroom on accident.
  • Overpowered a guillotine blade.


  • Kept up with Shooting Star (a broom fast enough to circle the planet in 8 seconds) twice.


  • Survived a classroom-busting explosion.
  • Survived shattering a wooden gate.
  • Took a fall from clouds.
  • Withstood a hit from the ancient dragon, a monster that destroyed most of Luna Nova and collapsed a large underground maze.
  • Survived Diana's Murowa.
  • Survived a Mandragora shriek, which can kill an ordinary person


  • Mastered the Animal Transformation Spell.


  • Impulsive.
  • Reckless.
  • Lacks great magic skill.

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