Series Skyblazer
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alignment Neutral Evil
Ashura is the main antagonist and the next to last boss of the video game Skyblazer.


Ashura is the lord of war and servant of Raglan, who commanded him to conquer the overworld in his name. At some point, Ahsura kidnapped a young sorceress in hopes to use her as a slave, which Sky made a failed attempt to stop.

Powers & Abilities

  • Immortal: Ashura has been shown to survive decapitation.
  • Flight: While he is able to fly with his wings, he also able to levitate, as can be seeing by him moving around his head after being decapitated.
  • Fire Ball: He can produce fire balls out of each of his four hands. These fire balls follow the desired until they hit or until the target gets out of reach.


  • Shield: A golden shield Ashura uses in his final battle against Sky.



  • His shield is unfazed by any of Sky's attacks outside of hits from his Fiery Phoenix form.
  • Survived decapitation.


  • He beat Sky with one hand preoccupied in their first encounter without any challenge(though it wasn't like Sky put up much of a fight).


  • His fire balls takes a small period of time to charge up and can easily be neutralized by a counter attack.

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