Series DC Comics
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Height 6'1" (185 cm)
Weight 325 lbs (147 kg)
Alignment Neutral Good
All I ever wanted, was peace and security for Atlantis.
~ Aquaman
Orin Atlant-son, also known as Arthur Curry or more famously Aquaman, is a superhero from DC Comics. He is the king of Atlantis and by extension Earth's oceans as well as a founding member of the Justice League.


Powers & Abilities

  • Royal Atlantean Phisiology: Arthur is half human and half atlantean of royal lineage. As such, he has many of the powers attributed to his race.
    • Godly Physique: Due to being a royal atlantean-human hybrid, Aquaman is much stronger, faster, and tougher than any atlantean or human.
    • Regeneration: If Aquaman is ever injured, he can heal his body at a much faster rate than most, being able to recover from stabs and slashes in short periods of time.
    • Marine Telepathy: As he is the king of the oceans, Aquaman is capable of telepathically communicating with and commanding any sea creature he encounters.
      • Seizure: By manipulating the marine portion of any animal's mind, he can telepathically force them to have seizures.
    • Underwater Survivability: Being a marine creature, Aquaman can survive underwater with no difficulty whatsoever. He can speak, hear, breathe, and move in the water just as easily as on land.
    • Enhanced Vision: Somehow, Aquaman can see in the deepest abysses of the ocean just as easily as land on a sunny day.
    • Super Hearing: Aquaman's super hearing rivals Superman.
    • Thunder: When needed Arthur can summon lightning bolts to strike his enemies.


  • Trident of Neptune:



  • Lifted a cruise ship with ease.
  • Held up a collapsing building on his own.
  • Can stab Darkseid with his Trident.
  • His punches can hurt Superman.
  • Can absorb water from the blood of his enemies to increase his strength.



  • Tanked a punch from Wonder Woman with only minor injury.
  • Regularly survives the pressures of the ocean floor, which can become thousands of times stronger than Earth's atmosphere.
  • Effortlessly survives machine gun fire.


  • Can summon a Cthulhu.
  • Can jump 100's of feet in the air.
  • He can hear heartbeats.


  • Water Dependence: Though he can survive on land just as easily as he does in the water, Aquaman does need the oceans to survive, and the longer he remains away from the water, the weaker he becomes. However, he can fight for hours before this starts to take its toll.
  • Underestimated: Even though Aquaman is one of the most powerful beings on earth he is still often underestimated by the humans of earth. At first in the New 52 no one believed Aquaman could do anything other than talk to fish before he joined the Justice League.

Fun Facts

  • Aquaman first came to being within the 1940s era. In his case being November of 1941 when he was first introduced on More Fun Comics Issue #73.

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