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Agency Against Hank Wimbleton, or A.A.H.W. for short, is an organization lead by the Auditor in order to, as the name suggests, kill Hank J. Wimbleton.

Full list of weapons mostly used by the organization can be found here.



  • The most basic, physically weakest and least skilled of the group.

1337 AgentsEdit

  • Possess actual training, unlike the Grunts.
  • Originally wore black sunglasses, before receiving an upgrade from the Auditor and gave the sunglasses a red tint.
  • Can be upgraded into l33t Agents via the Improbability Drive, making them stronger, faster and more agile.
  • The advantages they have over the Grunts are "commitment, devotion and sacrifice".

A.T.P. EngineersEdit

  • Should be the most intelligent members of A.A.H.W.
  • Should possess the same skill level as the 1337 Agents.
  • Mostly use weaponry such as assault rifles and shotguns.
  • Originally 1773 Agents, until provided further training in engineering.
  • The advantages they have over the 1773 Agents are "intuition, intellect and leadership".

A.T.P. SoldatsEdit

  • Better in just about everything than the 1337 or l33t Agents.
  • Are technologically enhanced soldiers.
  • Arguably the most skilled members of A.A.H.W. in terms of combat.
  • Mostly stick to using pistols and submachine guns, though they have been seen using shotguns.
  • Competent enough to use flashbangs to their advantage.
  • Originally 1773 Agents, until provided further training in combat and being enhanced.
  • The advantages they have over the 1773 Agents and A.T.P. Engineers are "aggression, malevolence and agility".

MAG Agent: TortureEdit

  • Carries a MAG-sized Mossberg 500. He additionally possesses a "Supermagnum 20kg" bullet, which obliterates anything it hits, including humans and concrete and has surprising range of multiple miles.
  • Can brush off multiple headshots from a submachine shotgun.
  • Arguably the most intelligent MAG Agent, as he is seen going rogue and attempting to escape in a non-canon episode.

MAG Agent: V2 Edit

  • Seen using MAG-sized Mossberg 500s as well as Deagles with extented mags and Walther PPKs.

MAG Agent: V3Edit

  • Wears an oxygen mask, rendering him immune to gas.
  • Due to it not being fully developed, Auditor had to awake him using his Shadow Powers, which allowed him to spawn weapons out of thin air. His favourite, however, being the Mega Hammer, which, ironically, isn't a hammer, but a giant axe.
  • Tanked a slash from MAG Hank.

MAG Agent: V4Edit

  • Completely unaffected by having shot multiple times.
  • Seen with MAG-sized M1911s.

MAG Agent: V5Edit

  • The most advanced MAG Agent.
  • Heavily armored and the hardest to kill.
  • Armed with a MAG-sized retractable glaive.
  • Tanked multiple gunshots and cuts from a binary sword, which is the most powerful melee weapon in the Madness Combat universe.


  • Most of the group's members are incompetent and straight up stupid.

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